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Yoga Class Schedule


Drop In - $15

Drop In (Under 21) - $7

 1Month Unlimited- $65

10 Classes - $120

(Includes Basic Gym Membership)



Galina Beloglazova Prudhomme

Galina has been a member of the International Rhythmic Gymnastics community for most of her life. As a gymnast, her career began at age 5 and spanned 15 years, during which she achieved multiple european and world individual championship titles. She continues in the sport as a coach, traveling throughout the world to train athletes for competition at the national and international levels. Galina moved to the US in 2012 and lives in Petersburg with her husband and 3 dogs. She attended local yoga classes which quickly rekindled her interest in coaching and training others. Galina sees certain aspects shared between yoga and rhythmic gymnastics. She blends her professional gymnastics knowledge into her approach of teaching yoga.

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Michael Draper

My mother tried to get me to take yoga over 20 years ago and I learned an important lesson, always listen to your mom! A good friend tried to get me to go to a class a few times, but I always balked at the idea. One time she convinced me to give it a try with someone teaching his first ever class. The timing was right so I went in just to see what it was all about. By the time this first class was over, I was hooked! I like to practice all different styles of yoga, but my favorite is vinyasa. When it came time for teacher training, I went to the Zen Den in Margate and received my 200-hour training in vinyasa style yoga in the spring of 2015. I try to make my vinyasa classes a little more physically intense but make sure to balance them out with lots of stretching, twisting and, most importantly, fun. When not practicing or teaching yoga, I am an instructional technology integration teacher to students in grades 2-5. I love to share my love of yoga with others. My hope is to be able to have you become more physically fit while also becoming more mentally and spiritually centered when practicing yoga and living life.